About Us

Huiling began its social service in 1990 in Guangzhou.it is one of the first charitable organizations in China to mainly cater for the needs of mentally disabled adults.
Huiling strictly adheres to the tationale of social integration in serving our clients. Our clients
Enjoy normal community life in more than 80 ‘homes/families’,scattered in twelve cities in China.
At the end of 2019,Huiling was serving more than 1800 persons with mental disabilities. In addition,we initiated the China Snails website as an interactive platform,which has more than 3500 members,for sharing information,interests and activities.

Our Perspective

People with mental disabilities can equally participate in community life and enjoy the civilization of modem society.

Our Mission

To promote the community service model,in order to improve the quality of life for persons with mental disabilities.

Our Service

Building a mentally retarded person's favorite, parents' most assured Huiling.

Local distribution

Within the last two decades,Huiling has extended its service from Guangzhou to Beijing,Xi’an,Qinghai,Tianjin,Qingyuan,Chongqing,Changsha,Lanzhou,Wanzhou,Shangluo,Hanzhou, Shanghai and so on.Furthermore ,the Huiling in HongKong lends strong support to the front-line centers across the country.


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